paul denyes

how we got the blues

Paul will be giving a talk on history and influences of the blues.  There will be dvd’s, vinyl, books, cd’s on display for your browsing pleasure. 

tony vani

Blues Harmonica workshop

Harmonica player Tony Vani will present an hour long interactive Harmonica Workshop. The workshop will cover the early beginnings and developments of the blues harmonica to the present. Tony will also perform examples and songs from important blues harmonica players.  There will also be an opportunity to learn basic harmonica skills, and for those interested in doing so, a C Harmonia is recommended.  

matt smith

slide guitar workshop

Matt Smith is a world class bottleneck slide guitarist specializing in open D tuning, (aka “the devil’s tuning”). Matt uses this tuning in his unique interpretations of a wide variety of musical genres, in which he employs single note melody, chordal melody, altered chords, Travis picking style and behind the slide technique, to name a few, all while utilizing the tuning in any key signature. This will surely be a session not to be missed!