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Angelina Hunter TRIO

“Something for everyone, but always from the heart.”

This perfectly describes the Angelina Hunter Trio, three lifelong friends and mainstays of the Canadian music scene. The band has grown and cultivated their sound around the personality and stylings of Angelina Hunter on vocals and guitar. When she plugs in her Stratocaster, expect a wide range of style, emotion, and power. She can lull you in with sweet melodies and sear you with razor sharp blues attitude and screaming guitar lines.

Angelina has the power to shrink a venue or blow it up with her voice alone. Totally unique, when she begins to sing, she sounds like no one else. She can tell a sweet story with her voice or bewitch you with its intensity. It’s a powerful instrument on its own. The Trio is rounded out by Sandy Hunter on drums and Adam Bell on bass.On September 29, 2023, The Angelina Hunter Trio released their sophomore full-length album, LET IT SLIDE. This sees the band dancing across genres into a platter of vast influences, from soaring romantic blues ballads, to all out fun, to down and dirty blues rockers. However, as wide as the scope is, it is deliberate, unfettered Angelina Hunter Trio.